Movement is Spiritual

We have all heard that exercise reduces the risk of heart attack. We know it can reduce depression and anxiety. We also know that it can keep our brains young and active in old age. The impacts of exercise that we hear about most are chemical, physiological, or psychological. It’s not often that we hear about the spiritual benefits of exercise nor do we often hear about people exercising for spiritual purposes.

We are aware that the lack of exercise can cause our health to decline. Similarly, like sitting on the couch and eating all day, each day can cause a buildup of fat inside the chambers of the heart, it can also cause a buildup of undesirable, stagnant energies in the body. These energies are typically associated with limiting beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that prevent us from feeling and being our best selves. There are many methods to ridding our bodies of these lower vibrational energies, but movement (exercise) is by far one of the most accessible and beneficial.

Spiritual Benefits of Exercise

Helps you become more conscious and aware of yourself, making your more conscious of your connection with Spirit.

Increases appreciation for your body. You are caring for your physical body, which has the important job of housing your spirit while here on Earth.

You become more disciplined. When we are disciplined in one area of our life it typically transfers to others.

Rid Stagnation
Helps you to move stagnant, negative energy around and out of your body.

Increases self-determination making other tasks seem less daunting.

Exercising outdoors reconnects you with nature.

Many of us lack the motivation to exercise often because we “just don’t feel like it,” but retraining our brains to associate exercise with feeling better physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually will get us moving each day.

Jasmine Aurielle
Peace Inner Harmony Center