As gently as possible, my new daily mantra is “Just get it done.” Naturally, it’s tougher to do the things that you want to do for yourself and for work when you’re caring for a cute, four-month-old, little human. I’m realizing that from pregnancy through our children’s lives there will be reasons (or excuses - whichever you consider them) for not getting things done. 

Our parents have told us that they didn’t do the things that they wanted to do in life because they chose to have children. I’ve decided that I don’t want that to be my story and that everything I do is for my family as well. Realizing that there will never be a “perfect” time and that there will always be challenges to overcome, I’m choosing to just get it done. I’ve been thinking about how I’ve already allowed many opportunities to pass because I was pregnant and now because I have a young baby. Next, it would be because I have a toddler, then because I have a young child. I thought, when does it stop?

For me, it stops today! I have applied and been accepted to attend Get Loved Up's 200-hour RYT training taught by Founder, Koya Webb. This training will be June 1st-23rd in Los Angeles, California. The cost of the training is $3,000 excluding airfare, housing, and food. 

Since giving birth, yoga has been an immeasurable part of me getting back to myself. Pregnancy is an adjustment, but so is postpartum. For some women, it takes some time to get used to being alone in your body again. It can also take time to appreciate and adjust to the changes that your body has made in order to carry, nurture, and deliver this new life. 

Yoga has been a key component in this process for me. It is my hope to share this power with other moms who are searching for ways to get some time of their own that nourishes their body and spirit. 

Please help me with not only actualizing a dream for myself but also with learning this skill to be shared with postpartum moms, looking to reconnect with and appreciate their bodies.

With Peace,
Jasmine Aurielle